My Husband Always Defends His Daughter: Understanding and Dealing with Parental Enmeshment

As a wife, it can be quite frustrating and hurtful to feel like your husband puts his daughter before you. You may feel like you are not getting the support and love that you deserve, and that your husband is not taking your feelings and needs into consideration. If you are in this situation, you … Read more

Is Prince Harry Retarded?

As a member of the British Royal family, Prince Harry has always been in the spotlight. From his upbringing to his marriage, everything he does is closely scrutinized by the media and the public. However, one question that has come up time and again is whether or not Prince Harry is retarded. In this blog … Read more

John Tory Wife Illness: An Inside Look at the Toronto Mayor’s Personal Life

When it comes to the personal lives of public figures, we often forget that they are human too. One such example is John Tory, the current mayor of Toronto, Canada. While most people know him for his political career, only a few are aware of his personal life, particularly his wife’s illness. In this blog … Read more

The Mysterious Disappearance of Andy Griffith’s First Wife and the Tragic Death of His Second Wife

If you are a fan of “The Andy Griffith Show,” you may have wondered what ever happened to Andy Taylor’s wife. The character of Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith, was a widower raising his son Opie with the help of his Aunt Bee. But what about the real-life Andy Griffith and his wives? Andy … Read more