Detecting and Dealing with Lying Friends: A Comprehensive Guide

Lying is an unfortunate reality of human interaction. Even among friends, there can be misunderstandings and miscommunications that lead to falsehoods. Sometimes it’s harmless, but other times it can leave you feeling betrayed or even hurt. Recently, a friend lied to me about hanging out, and it made me realize that this is a topic … Read more

Shows Like My Little Pony: The Top Cartoons About Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, also called MLP, is a popular cartoon that gained a massive following, not just among children but among adults too. Unfortunately, fans of the show were heartbroken when Netflix removed most of the episodes in 2020. The show featured colorful ponies living in Equestria, a magical land where they … Read more

Why Do I Feel Like I Don’t Deserve Friends?

Having friends is an important part of many people’s lives. They provide support, companionship, and share experiences with you. However, some of us feel like we don’t deserve friends. We might question why we don’t have any or why people want to be friends with us. This can make socializing difficult and lead us to … Read more