Kissing During Courtship: To Do or Not to Do?

Kissing during courtship is a controversial and sensitive topic in many cultures and religions. It is a personal decision that should be made with careful consideration of one’s beliefs, values, and goals. In this blog post, we will explore the different perspectives on kissing during courtship, discuss the intimacy of courtship, and the spiritual dangers … Read more

Are You Single Until Married?

When it comes to defining one’s relationship status, the question “are you single until married?” may come to mind. It’s an interesting inquiry that many people have different opinions and beliefs about. Some believe that one is considered single until they’re legally married, while others think that being in a committed relationship also means you’re … Read more

Apparent Reality: Understanding the Illusion of Perception

Have you ever wondered whether what you perceive as reality is actually true? Do you sometimes get that nagging feeling that what you see, hear, and feel may not be the whole truth? If so, you’re not alone. The concept of apparent reality has puzzled philosophers, scientists, and thinkers for centuries. In this blog, we’ll … Read more

Is It Bad Luck to Kill a Firefly?

When we see fireflies lighting up the night sky, it’s easy to get caught up in their magical beauty. These small insects are often associated with summer evenings and childhood memories of catching them in jars. However, despite their innocent appearance, there are some superstitions and beliefs surrounding fireflies. One of the most common questions … Read more

The INFP Door Slam: Understanding the Repulsion Switch that INFJs Also Have

As an INFP, have you ever suddenly cut someone out of your life without explanation? Perhaps they said or did something that hurt you deeply, or maybe they simply violated one of your core values. Whatever the reason, you may have activated what’s commonly known as the “INFP door slam.” But what exactly is the … Read more

The Importance of Cultural Heritage: Understanding and Preserving Our Rich History

Cultural heritage, also known as national heritage or legacy, refers to the collection of tangible and intangible assets that define a group or community with cultural and historical significance. Our cultural heritage is a precious and irreplaceable resource that reflects the history, beliefs, and way of life of our ancestors. It gives us a sense … Read more