Guns N’ Roses vs Mötley Crüe: An Epic Rock Battle!

There’s always been a constant debate among rock fans as to which band comes out on top – Guns N’ Roses or Mötley Crüe. Both bands have made a significant impact on the rock world, with their catchy tunes, rebellious attitude, and larger-than-life stage presence. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the differences between the two bands, their music, success, and live performances to determine who reigns supreme. So, let’s get this epic rock battle started!

Who was more successful Mötley Crüe or Kiss?

Before we dive into the comparison between Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe, let’s first take a look at how they both fared in comparison to another classic rock band – Kiss.

While Kiss may not have been considered as a direct competition for Mötley Crüe in the 80s and 90s, they were still a band that had laid the seeds for the genre and had a massive influence on many of the rock stars of that era. When it comes to numbers, Kiss had sold over 100 million records worldwide by 2019, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time. They’ve also been nominated for many Grammy Awards and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

On the other hand, Mötley Crüe had been around for a shorter period but still managed to sell over 80 million records worldwide and made a significant impact on the rock community with their loud music, over-the-top looks, and wild lifestyle. The band may not have had as many Grammy nominations as Kiss, but they have won plenty of other awards and have been inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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In terms of success, both bands have had their share of hits, awards, and accolades, making it difficult to choose a clear winner. However, Kiss’s longevity and global success push them slightly ahead in the race.

Who came first Guns N Roses or Mötley Crüe?

Now, let’s get back to the main “battle” – Guns N’ Roses vs. Mötley Crüe. It’s important to note that both bands have their own unique sound and style. However, one factor worth considering is which band came first.

Mötley Crüe was formed in 1981, and they released their first album, Too Fast for Love, in 1981. They quickly gained a following with their high-energy performances and rebellious image. On the other hand, Guns N’ Roses formed a few years later in 1985, with their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, being released in 1987.

So, technically speaking, Mötley Crüe came first. However, it’s important to note that both bands were on the rise around the same time and saw a lot of success in the late ’80s.

Is Guns N Roses bigger than Mötley Crüe?

When it comes to determining which band is bigger or more popular, many factors come into play. The number of record sales, fan following, and success in different regions of the world are some of the key indicators.

Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe were both immensely popular during their prime years, but there’s a clear winner in terms of overall success. Guns N’ Roses has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the best-selling bands of all time. Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, alone sold over 30 million copies globally, whereas Mötley Crüe’s highest-selling album, Dr. Feelgood, sold roughly 6 million records in the U.S.

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Guns N’ Roses was also known for their worldwide tours that drew crowds in the tens of thousands around the world. In contrast, Mötley Crüe gained a reputation for their over-the-top theatrics and wild shows, but their live performances didn’t always receive positive reviews.

Overall, Guns N’ Roses is the clear winner in this category.

Vince Neil isn’t a good singer

When it comes to the vocal skills of both bands’ lead singers, opinions are divided. While Axl Rose’s voice has always been praised for its range and power, Vince Neil hasn’t always been regarded as a great singer.

Neil’s vocal abilities were often criticized, and he received backlash from fans and critics for his inconsistent live performances. In contrast, Rose is notorious for his attitude towards his fans and bandmates but has consistently delivered dynamic, engaging, and powerful vocal performances.

However, it’s important to note that comparing the two singers by their voice alone wouldn’t be entirely fair, as both have their own distinct styles and unique vocal ranges.

is motley crue good live?

As mentioned earlier, Mötley Crüe is known for their extravagant live performances. But were they any good live? The answer is that it’s subjective. While some fans and critics praised them for their energy and showmanship, others found their shows to be more gimmicky than skillful.

In contrast, Guns N’ Roses is known for their top-notch live performances, partly due to their tight instrumentation and Rose’s dynamic stage presence. With their combination of high energy and musical prowess, Guns N’ Roses has consistently received positive reviews for their live shows, even after some controversial incidents during their world tours.

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Did Mötley Crüe fight Guns N Roses?

The rock world has its fair share of feuds and rivalries, and Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses had their own share of drama.

The story goes that during a joint tour, Vince Neil allegedly threw a punch at Izzy Stradlin, Guns N’ Roses guitarist, after he made some comments about the quality of Mötley Crüe’s performance.

The bad blood between the two bands was further fueled by the infamous “riot” that broke out during Guns N’ Roses’ Montreal concert in 1992. The crowd became violent after Guns N’ Roses showed up late for their performance. Many blame Mötley Crüe for exacerbating the situation by withdrawing their support for the band during the incident.

Despite this, it’s worth noting that both bands have had their fair share of internal conflicts over the years, and these incidents should not define their entire career or their legacy.


In the end, it’s clear that both Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses are iconic and influential bands that have had a significant impact on the rock world. While opinions may differ on which one is better, it’s worth acknowledging the contribution both bands have made to the genre. Without a doubt, they will keep inspiring and influencing generations of rock fans to come with their music, style, and attitude.