Starr Piano and Gennett Records

The Starr Piano Company story begins in Richmond in 1872 when two business leaders, including James Starr, partnered with Alsatian piano craftsman George Trayser to open a small piano factory downtown. By the mid-1880s, the growing factory operated in the gorge of the Whitewater River under the “Starr” name. In 1893, three Southern investors, including … Read more

Preserving Musical History: The Walk of Fame by the Starr Gennett Foundation

Deep in the heart of Indiana, a hidden gem awaits music enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The Walk of Fame, curated by the Starr Gennett Foundation, is a unique tribute to the pioneers and legends of American music. This extraordinary attraction takes visitors on a journey through time, celebrating the artists who made significant contributions … Read more