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Long-time Starr-Gennett Foundation board member and retired Indiana University-East chancellor Dave Fulton died Sept. 11 at age 73.  Fulton joined the Foundation’s board in 1999, and served until shortly before his passing.  He was board president from 2001 to 2003, and treasurer for 13 years. …

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Birthplace of Recorded Jazz

15.08.2013 in Starr Gennett Information

Richmond Indiana!  The Birthplace of recorded Jazz! (From Wikipedia) Gennett records was founded in Richmond, Indiana by the Starr Piano Company, and released its first records in October 1917. The company took its name from its top managers: Harry, Fred and Clarence Gennett.[1] Earlier, the…

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What Is Starr Gennett?

15.08.2013 in Starr Gennett Information

The Starr-Gennett Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of Gennett Records and its parent organization, the Starr Piano Company. Since 1991 the Foundation has been working to save this important legacy and foster worldwide appreciation for this remarkable piece…

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Gennett Mansion

Membership Update

14.08.2013 in Starr Gennett Information

Why Join? At the Starr-Gennett Foundation, we’re working to preserve a priceless legacy from America’s musical past. If you find the unique story of Starr Piano and Gennett Records as fascinating and exciting as we do, you should join us. The Starr-Gennett Foundation was established…

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